Running outside again

If you read my blog you know I’m a big sissy when it comes to running outside in the cold. After this past weekend’s 6 mile run on the treadmill I was really itching to get back outside. The temps today were just barely over 40 but windchill made it feel more like the 30s so I was not looking forward to running outside…but…I did it anyway! I could hear K in my ear telling me it’s not that bad once you get going, so I layered up and got my rear out the door.

The C25K app was giving me issues finding GPS again so I just decided I’d use my Garmin, and then 1/2 way into my warmup walk I tried again and – voila – it worked. I had on knit hat and a headband to keep my ears warm but didn’t take a scarf because I thought that would be too much; I could’ve used the scarf during the first mile but I was right to leave it at home because I didn’t need it after that. My legs, specifically the outside of my thighs were really the only area that was cold. K says that’s the area that gets cold on her too – must be the aerodynamics – lol!

I considered stopping at 2 miles but once I was ‘warmed up’ I wanted to finish. I tried to reach 3.1 miles within 39:00 but I was just a little shy of that, I’ll blame it on the cold weather 🙂 I also did a little more walking than I planned, so that makes sense.

I still can’t seem to get Garmin & C25K to agree on time and distance 😦


1.15.15 Garmin


1.15.15 c25k

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