Quilt fabric choices

I finally decided on the border and backing fabric for my first ever quilt. Thank you to those that made suggestions, it really helped. These pictures really don’t do it justice but it’s the best I can do for now with my phone (the battery needs to be charged in my real camera).

The colors are black and white (even though the white looks more like cream 😦   ) The section on the left is the crossword squares I’ve sewn together so far; the section in the middle is a really fine black polka dot on white that I chose for the border and on the right is the fabric I chose for the back. I’m also going to use it for the binding.

crossword quilt fabrics distance

Below is a close-up shot that shows the polka dot fabric a little better. I’m really excited to get the top finished so I can add the border. I asked a friend (who also quilts) to go shopping with me the other night so that helped quite a bit. We also chose black thread for the actual quilting…I’m still a little nervous about how that will look but the idea is growing on me.

crossword quilt fabrics1

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