Catching up

I’m late posting about my long run from Saturday due to a few reasons:

1. I went out Saturday night to help a friend celebrate turning 50 and had WAY too much to drink

2. I’m too sore (more on that in a minute)

3. NFL Playoffs

So here it is Monday evening and I’m just getting it together!

I met up with the running group from church at 8am Saturday morning just as expected; K & S were there and we agreed we would run 7 miles. Another runner, M, who hasn’t joined us in a while decided to do 7 as well. The temps were in the low 30’s when we started so I was appropriately layered up and it didn’t feel too bad except when we hit a shady area or there was a strong breeze – luckily that didn’t happen too often. By the end of the first mile, K, S & M were all ahead of me (as usual) but I always had them in sight. When I reached the first turn around point, I had already passed K & S heading back but I didn’t see M – she had run on a bit further past the turn around. She caught up with me around 3.5 miles and ran with me the rest of the way.

I was doing pretty good alternating run/walk and decided to take an extended walk break around mile 4 to have a granola bar, afterward I got back into the run/walk pattern. It was just past the 6 mile mark when I ran into trouble…as I slowed to walk past a busy driveway (heading into a Bojangles) I misjudged the height from the pavement to the sidewalk and fell flat on my face – well, not actually on my face; that’s probably the only part that didn’t hit the ground. M was instantly at my side so worried that I had seriously injured myself. I rolled over, dusted myself off and started taking mental inventory to see what hurt: the heel of my right hand got scraped up and I could tell I was going to have a bruise on my left knee but otherwise I didn’t notice anything else hurting. I sat on the curb for few moments just to let the shock of it sink in (you know you’re a runner when you take the time to pause your Garmin so your overall pace isn’t affected!!). Since I was feeling OK, I was ready to run/walk back to the church.

We finished 7 miles as we entered the parking lot where K & S were waiting. I relived the story of my fall and K offered to doctor up my hand so it wouldn’t get infected. After all that, I went home for a good stretch and I planned to soak in a hot bath to help with whatever soreness I was going to have. I stretched out and instead of the hot bath I opted for a hot shower so we could head out for lunch – I was pretty hungry by that point.

Long story short, by Sunday morning I was not only feeling the effects of a wine hangover but I was pretty darn sore from the fall – a double whammy! I spent most of the day on the couch recuperating and I can still feel the affects of the fall today – my left side is pretty sore and it hurts when I cough or laugh too hard. I imagine this is what it feels like after a car accident – ugh!

I’m supposed to run 3 miles tomorrow – we’ll see…

1.17.15 garmin

1.17.15 pace

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