Crossword quilt coming along

I’m still working on my crossword quilt. I’ve got the main section all pieced together and now need to add the border fabric. I’ve got it cut but need to seam them together before attaching. I don’t really have a craft area for all this so I’m using the bed in our spare room to lay everything out…and I still haven’t charged the battery in my camera (I never think about it until I’m ready to take pictures and then it’s too late!).

Anyway, here’s a shot of what I’ve gotten accomplished so far…if you look really close you can see the mistakes I made when trying to get all the seams to line up. I’ve come to terms with it because this is my first attempt and if I try to make it ‘perfect’ I’ll never get it done.

main section completed, border not yet attached
main section completed, border not yet attachedĀ 

And this picture is a closeup of one corner. I’m not sure where or how I’m going to lay this out when I’m ready to add the back fabric and batting…I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it :-s

Close up of one corner
Close up of one corner

And then there’s the quilting…I’m not even sure if my old sewing machine will be able to handle it but I plan to stitch along the left and right sides of the seams (not in the ditch)…but now that I type that, I’m wondering if it wouldn’t look more like a crossword puzzle if I did ‘stitch in the ditch’? Hmmm… let me know what you think…

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