Saturday (fast!) run

I usually meet my running group on Saturday mornings however today it was raining and 38 degrees so it was cancelled. I looked at the weather forecast for the rest of the day and saw that it would be 50 degrees by 2pm – perfect temp for running. I spent the morning working on my quilt and after a light lunch I changed and went for a run.

Since I hadn’t run all week I didn’t want to do a ‘long’ run, instead I opted to put in 3 miles using a 3:1 run/walk ratio. I wanted to see if I could push my speed a little so I decided I would ‘hurry up’ during the run segments and see how long I could keep that up.

Both the C25K app and my Garmin had no problems picking up GPS today. As I started my warmup walk I was feeling a little cold due to a bit of a breeze; I cut the walk short and started running to really ‘warmup’! The first few segments went pretty well but I could tell my breathing was a bit labored – I slowed down the running pace a little for the next few segments.

When all was said and done I was about 1 minute off my PB – WHAT?!  Wow, that 3:1 ratio worked out really well!!

1.24.15 garmin 1.24.15 c25k

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