My first finished quilt

Over the last several weeks I’ve been working on my very first quilt – it’s one that I designed for my mother (the Crossword quilt) and, yeah, it’s still not finished.

I decided it would probably be better to ‘test’ quilting on something smaller before I put needle to that quilt. I recently signed up for a fat quarter fabric club that ships 12 fabrics each month along with coordinating thread. When the first shipment arrived it was clearly a sign to make a baby quilt – the fabrics were a mix of pink patterns with a juvenile theme – so that’s what I did. I cut 4 fat quarters as follows:


I laid out a design using the 5×5 squares to make the corner pieces (I actually cut them 5.5″ so when sewn together they would equal 10×10) and the 10×10 squares for the center. I had to add a few more strips of fabric to the 2.5 strips to get enough for the binding. After finishing the top, I made a trip to Walmart for some pink flannel to use as backing fabric; I also used a layer of thin batting to make it a little more cushy. I chose to machine sew the binding and wouldn’t you know I forgot I was supposed to sew it to the BACK of the quilt and then use a decorative stitch on the front – egads…I’m a little backwards :-s

Without further ado…here are pictures of the baby quilt; finished measurements 28×37.5

Baby quilt 2.15.15 Closeup corner 2.15.15

Back of quilt 2.15.15

Closeup back corner 2.15.15

I don’t know anyone with a baby/young girl so I think I may donate this to charity…even with it’s flaws it still a good cuddly blanket.

I’m SOOOO glad I chose to ‘learn’ by doing this baby quilt because I made quite a few mistakes that would’ve really ticked me off if I had done them on the Crossword quilt! I’m by no means an expert (ha, understatement!) but I feel like I’ve got enough courage now to tackle that big project. I still have plenty of time – we’re not visiting my mother until the end of the month.

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