February patchwork challenge

I’m following along with Tinkberbellknits and the monthly patchwork challenges (see here) and this month its the Union Square. As soon as I saw the block I got a little nervous because there are so many cuts and pieces. I immediately tried to find a foundation paper piece pattern but I could only find them for smaller blocks – this one calls for 12 inches 😦

After seeing how well Tinkerbellknits had done I felt a little boost and decided to give it a go tonight. Just cutting all the fabric was a bit of a chore for me…wow, there sure are a lot of pieces to this block! There are 3 color choices and making sure I didn’t get them confused required quite a bit of focus. I finally sat down and started sewing it all together after dinner – here’s what it looked like after the first 8 triangles were attached. I quickly realized I didn’t make the best color choice for the middle square 😦

Union Square half done

I soldiered on following the directions for cutting and sewing the remaining pieces – no pictures of all that because I had to stop several times to rip out the seams and do them over because I kept sewing the patches in the wrong direction…grrr!

Finally, I got it all together but I had lots of problems getting it all to line up. It’s done but you can see I don’t have much seam allowance along the outside for sewing it to anther block. Oh well, I guess that’s a problem for another day :-s

Taken with camera
Taken with camera

3 thoughts on “February patchwork challenge

  1. The main thing about points that I have learned is when you are sewing across where there will be points, make sure the piece on top is the one with the points.That way you can see where the needle crosses the intersection at the exact point. Does that make sense to you? When you have a larger section with points possibly on the top and bottom pieces, the one with the most points goes on top and “drive slow” across the other that is on the bottom.

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