One more thing on the Crossword quilt

After I thought I was finished with the Crossword quilt I realized that I hadn’t attached a label. I searched the webs to find suggestions and tutorials for creating and applying a label and settled on a mixture of techniques learned here.

Since I don’t have any freeze paper I used my basting spray to attach the fabric to a letter size sheet of paper to feed through my printer. I found some free label designs online and copied one into PowerPoint, then added the specifics about my quilt.

On my first attempt, I used some leftover fabric from the border of the quilt (white with black dots). Unfortunately the black dots interfered with the print so the words and date were pretty hard to read (I purposely tried 4 different colors because I was concerned about that).

1st attempt labels

On my second attempt I attached one white 5″ charm square (my last one!) to the corner of a sheet of paper, chose the label with black text, crossed my fingers and pressed print. Luckily it came out perfect! (in my excitement I forgot to get a picture). I pressed it with a hot dry iron to set the ink and then pressed 1/4″ seams. From there I decided which corner I would attached it to and whip stitched it – that all went very quickly because the label is relatively small – finished size 2 1/4″ x 3″. Here it is attached – now the quilt is complete.



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