Baby animals quilt top

I no sooner get the Crossword Puzzle quilt completed and delivered to my Mom (she LOVED it), and I just had to start on a new top. The remnants and clearance fabrics I bought last week were calling me so I jumped right in when we got back from Maryland and I have a new quilt top, it’s currently 33 1/4 x 39 3/4.

Baby animals top

I cut the baby animals remnant into 5.5″ blocks and then decided to border them with the red plaid clearance fabric. I realized too late the plaid was probably not the best choice as the material was quite wavy and it makes the top look all wonky…but it’s done now. I still need to square it up and decide what I’m going to do for a border. I need to go back for more fabric because I really don’t have anything that will match – I was thinking a light/medium green (to hopefully offset all that red), all ideas are appreciated!

I also started playing with ideas for making a quilt for my niece. Her last name starts with M so I was trying to figure out how I could make a big M for the middle and then use her favorite colors for the rest of the quilt. I created a foundation paper piece block and did a trial run with some Walmart clearance fabric…good thing because I still need to tweak it a little bit, this sample is almost 6 x 6 (the right side looks all wavy but it’s really not, it must be bad lighting or bad photography!).

Letter M example

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