Fabric calls and I answer

Does your fabric call to you like mine does? I’d like to think so, otherwise I might be going crazy! LOL

Although I’ve got two baby blanket tops in varying stages (see here and here) I just HAD to start another one tonight. You see, I still have unused fabric from the January shipment of my Fat Quarter Fabric club subscription and since I already have the backing fabric I just had to make the top.

I cut each of four fat quarters into six 6.5×9 blocks and laid them out into a random pattern until I liked the way they looked, I ended up with 6 rows of 4 across. I almost stopped there but decided to stack and label the rows and before I knew it I started piecing the rows together. When I finished row 3 I almost stopped for the night but since I was halfway done I decided to finish the rest of the rows.

I’ve got them all laid out on the bed (on top of my Ready, Set, Go topper and the Baby Animals topper – how embarrassing!); tomorrow I will sew the rows together and if all goes well I’ll start quilting it.

Bunnies Owls top
I’m calling it Bunnies and Owls (how original!)
close up bottom right
Close up bottom right corner

The backing fabric is flannel so I won’t need to add any batting and now that I have a walking foot I think I’ll have better success quilting than I did on the very first baby quilt I made.

Flannel backing fabric
Flannel backing fabric

I haven’t decided yet what I’ll use for binding. Funny thing is I don’t have any idea who I’m going to give this blanket to, I just feel the need to finish it!

Let me know if your fabric calls to you too so I don’t feel like “I’m the only one”!


2 thoughts on “Fabric calls and I answer

  1. I always have a number of projects going. Today I spent time ‘organizing’ several in-work projects (which is just another way of saying I played with fabric today). Sometimes, instead of binding, I pillowcase baby quilts and get done faster! A walking foot does make the quilting go so much nicer.

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  2. I recognise a kindred spirit in your comments about your fabric calling to you … 🙂 Loved your baby blanket – and I’m pleased I’m not the only one who makes quilts with no idea of who’s going to be the recipient!

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