…and back to Running…

I finally got my rear in gear today and put in about 3 miles…but let me back track just a little bit.

My running buddies have been asking me to join them for a 10k in April but I’ve been hesitating. I haven’t run with any consistency since last year and I’m worried that I’ll have a tough time completing 10k. They’ve assured me that they’re in the same boat so I took the plunge yesterday and registered; I’m hoping now that I’ve dropped the cash I’ll get back into a running routine.

Yesterday started out cold (40s) and rainy but by the afternoon the sun was shining and it was in the upper 60s…you would think I’d have taken that opportunity to put in a few miles…nope.

I met up with L at church this morning and we talked a bit after the service. She’s been off her running program as well and planned to put in a run later today; I agreed that I needed to do the same.

After lunch with hubby, I changed clothes and psyched myself up to go for a run/walk. I had no idea how I’d do since I haven’t run for 30 days! I set my c25k app for 3:1 (run/walk) intervals and gave myself permission to walk as much as I needed. The weather was absolutely gorgeous today, sunny & 75 with a light breeze, after the harsh winter it was a welcome heat.

Everything started out fine except my c25k app was acting a bit weird, it clocked my first running segment in the 10’s and my second in the 9’s – no way I was running that fast, seriously no way. It seemed to right itself after that and the numbers were a bit more realistic. Also, I only covered about 2.7 miles (not counting WU/CD), another clue something was off at the beginning.

3.15.15 c25k

I was so worried how I’d do after a 30 day lapse but I was pleasantly surprised! My legs didn’t give me any issues and even with a head cold my breathing was ok. I did take an extended walk break about halfway but otherwise I ran on cue. Now, the goal is to keep this going and get back into a routine of running 2x/week with a long run on the weekend. I also want to seriously start some strength training to help lose weight and to firm up my arms – since I already have a membership at Anytime Fitness I have no excuses!

Wish me luck!!

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