Jungle Babies Finished

As I stated yesterday, I needed to go to Hobby Lobby to get fabric for the binding on Jungle Babies and shortly after posting that I hopped in the car and went.

I was looking for a leafy green print of some sort that I thought would help balance all the red on the top. I only brought a photo of the quilt with me so it was a little hard to match the color and as luck would have it, the fabric I bought turned out to be a few shades brighter than I really wanted, ugh. I also got a 1/2 yard of Kona Snow for making labels and of course while I was there I just HAD to look at the remnants and clearance bins!

Binding and other fabrics

When I got back home I immediately cut the green fabric into binding strips and pieced them all together. I then sewed the binding to the top and decided I would try my hand (no pun intended) at hand stitching the binding to the back of the quilt.

Again I made the mistake of using straight pins to hold the binding in place as I sewed – jeez you think I would’ve learned that lesson already! After a few ‘sticks’ it dawned on me that I should be using the binding clips I bought! duh! I was getting tired and my eyes were starting to get blurry so that was my cue to stop for the night.

This morning I got up, replaced the pins with clips and finished the hand stitching. Now the real test will come when I wash it!! I’m so worried it’s all going to come undone!!! lol

Top no flash

Top closeup


Back no flash

Last but not least, I added the label. I first had to go to the store and get some freezer paper so I could print the label on the Kona Snow using my inkjet printer. I had a few false starts but I finally got it to work right (helps when you load the paper/fabric in the right direction!!). Finished measurements are 31 x 38.


Now I just need to figure out where this little blanket is going. When I finished Bunnies & Owls I posted pics on my Facebook page and offered it ‘free to good home’; one of my neighbors snatched it up for one of her granddaughters. I guess I’ll do the same thing with this one, although the odd colors might mean this one gets donated. That’s ok, as long as someone ends up with it I’ll be happy 🙂

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