Beautiful weather…finally!

I had no excuse not to run today…it was a beautiful spring day! Sunshine and 71 degrees – yay! I did wait until after work to run which meant it was the warmest part of the day but I didn’t mind at all…the heat/sun felt good for a change 🙂

I programmed the c25k app for eight 3:1 intervals and I even remembered to strap on my Garmin. During my warm up walk I hit my Garmin to search for the satellite and then noticed I was low on battery – eeks – I guess that happens when you don’t use it 😦  That’s ok…I had my app and I followed along as she instructed me to run or walk.

I was doing pretty well until the halfway mark when my legs started getting tired – that’s what happens when you don’t train consistently – ugh! I motored on telling myself I could walk anytime I needed to and I did walk a few times during the run intervals in the back half.

When I look at the numbers afterward I still think there’s something wrong with my app…there’s NO WAY I ran 8:51 during interval 5…just no way! I even question the 10:45 and 10:39 in intervals 3 & 4…and of course I don’t have data from my Garmin to double check it…so I guess I’ll just have to believe these numbers – yeah, right :-p


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