FO, WIP and exercise

I have two finished objects to share.

I followed video tutorials by Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Co and Vanessa of Crafty Gemini and made a bag from scraps…it’s so bright and cheerful, I really love it.

Front of bag and straps - I used two fabrics for the straps to match the 'scrappy' look of the bag
Front of bag and straps – I used two fabrics for the straps to match the ‘scrappy’ look of the bag
Back of bag
Back of bag
Lining - I put my clearance fabric from Hobby Lobby to good use
Lining – I put my clearance fabric from Hobby Lobby to good use

Over the weekend I also made a zippered pouch using a pattern tutorial from Craftsy. I used two FQ pieces from the March club shipment (admittedly two of my least favorites). I love the quilting I did on the fabric – it’s just a simple diamond pattern – I used a water soluble pen to mark the lines and then sewed away. The pen lines weren’t disappearing with steam from the iron so I dipped it into water in the sink. I squeezed out most of the water and popped it into the dryer for about 20 mins on medium and it came out fine.

This is also the first time I have EVER put a zipper in anything – it turns out it was pretty easy 🙂 Now I can’t wait to try something else that needs a zipper 😉

zipper pouch

zipper pouch lining

zipper pouch quilting

I’ve also started making another topper with more of the March fabric. I’m not sure what you call this block – it’s a diamond in a square – I’ve squared them up to 6.5 inches and now I plan to frame them all with white sashing. I’ve got them laid out on my ‘design bed’…LOL.

I found some pretty cheerful fabric for the backing while grocery shopping at my local Super Walmart, you can see it in the bottom right corner, it’s a Waverly fabric and I thought it would go well with all the bright colors of the top.


Last but certainly not least, I got some exercise in this weekend too. I was supposed to meet up with my running buddies on Saturday morning but things just didn’t work out. Rather than write off the whole weekend, I got out Sunday afternoon and put in just over 4 miles. The Charlotte RaceFest 10K is coming up this weekend so I needed to see how close I could get to 6.2 miles – I’m pretty sure I’ll be fine but I know I won’t be anywhere close to my time from last year 😦 That’s a bit of a bummer but it is what it is.

My c25k app was on the fritz again, I think I’m going to have to find another more reliable app. At least I had my Garmin 😉

4.5.15 Garmin

On top of that I went out for a quick walk this evening; it felt pretty good to stretch the legs after yesterday.


That’s it for now…thanks for sticking around til the end!


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