Update WIP project

As I mentioned earlier this week, I started a new top with the March fabrics from my FQ club.

I mixed 7 different FQ to make either the center or the outside frame and then I had ‘fun’ trying to figure out how to put them all together. Once I had them all laid out on my ‘design bed’ I found the colors and patterns were just too busy when butted up against each other which led me to the decision to sash them with strips of white.

I had a couple yards of plain white so I set about cutting all the strips I needed and finished putting the top together last night. I think it needs a border but I’m not sure what it should be…maybe a 3 or 4″ strip of solid orange or coral???

top flash

The backing fabric I found for this project can be seen in the pic from my last post…oh, what the heck, here it is again. It’s a cute jelly bean/egg-shaped pattern with all the same colors as the top.


Once I figure out what to do about a border, then I can move on to thinking about quilting. My initial thoughts are to stitch an echo diamond pattern inside and outside of the diamond centers and then maybe some straight lines on the white sashing…hmmm, I’ll keep thinking…


I got another short run in today. The temps have started to rise here – after that winter I’m not complaining at all – but I’ll need to start getting up earlier. I went out around 9am today and by the end it felt really hot. My 10K is this Saturday and I’ll be interested to see how close I am to my time from last year (1:18:48).

4.9.15 Garmin

That’s about all for now…I’m headed to my sewing room.


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