Charlotte Racefest 10K

I took part in a local 10K run yesterday and I have to say the weather was PERFECT! The morning started off a little muggy but very quickly that changed to a light breeze with overcast skies and temps right about 65. There was a cool breeze the entire run and everyone in the race seemed to be enjoying themselves – well except for at least two people I saw sitting on the side of the route. One lady had tripped in a pot hole near a water station, her knee looked pretty scuffed up – I know that feeling after my tumble a few months ago. A little farther into the race there was a young lady sitting at an intersection with a police officer and she looked like she might pass out, shortly afterward I heard the sirens of the ambulance – I sure hope she’s alright.

As I had mentioned in a previous post, I was worried that my finish time would not be as good as the race last year…and I was right. I followed a 4:1 run/walk ratio for the first half of the run but I had to walk more and more after that point. And then came the dreaded HILL within the last mile – I knew it was coming and tried to reserve as much energy as possible but I ended up walking the whole thing (as did many others). Once I was at the top I told myself “run the rest of the way” and I almost did, I took a short walk break about .25 before the end and then did my ‘hurry up’ mantra to the Finish line.

Here are the stats – both Official and Garmin:

Official Results:

4.11.15 10k official results


4.11.15 10k garmin

Post-race picture:

4.11.15 10K resized

That’s me in the middle (bib 2640)…the two girls on the outside are L & K that I run with all the time. Yes, I had my post-race Michelob Ultra with the girls – I only had one because I was driving 😉

(Edit: I forgot a pic of the medal)

I think I like last year’s medal better because there were different medals for the different distances…they added a 5K run this year so this medal covers both 5 & 10K…no fair!

2015 Charlotte Racefest 10K medal

I have no complaints about this race – it’s extremely well organized, the route is well marked with timers posted at multiple intervals and the post-race celebration not only includes beer but there was an awesome band and lots of free goodies. No doubt I’ll be doing this one again 🙂

One thought on “Charlotte Racefest 10K

  1. Congratulations Sharon! Sounds like you had fun, despite the tough hill, but the huge grins on your faces say it all. Massive well done to you! 🙂

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