Block #2 started

I’m following along with Amanda Rolfe in her “Quilt Along with me” series…but I’m a tab bit behind because I had to wait for additional fabric to be delivered. Thankfully it arrived today!! Of course I couldn’t wait to get started…so…tonight I cut all the necessary pieces for the second block and then sewed & cut all the HST. That’s as far as I got before my eyes started getting blurry, that’s when I knew I needed to stop for the night.

Here’s a picture of all the pieces laid out waiting to be sewn into the 23×23 block

Block 2 in progress

Here’s a reminder of what the first block looks like…similar colors but very different pattern


And here are the two remaining fabrics I’ll be using for the 3rd and 4th block…this should be interesting!!

fabric for 3 & 4

I’m not really sure how the fabric on the right will fit in since it doesn’t have any white in the pattern…but time will tell!

I’m off to bed…G’night!

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