The week that was

This has been pretty productive week for me, both in sewing and running 🙂

I finally finished the four blocks for the “Quilt-Along-With-Me” hosted by Amanda Rolfe of 3and3quarters. Here are two different angles:



After completing the blocks with different patterns of yellow and black I needed to attaching sashing and borders. I mocked up a few different options using my crude PowerPoint skills and decided that black would be the best color – and that was the fabric I had immediately available :-s

I also decided to change up the instructions a tad bit (sorry Amanda). Her pattern calls for a single accent block to be placed in the center of the sashing and since I had four different fabrics it was going to be difficult deciding which one to choose. So…instead of the single block in the center, I decided I would use each of the four fabric to add corner blocks. Here’s a picture of the completed top – I’m pretty happy with the outcome!

Top done

I think the black really makes the yellow pop but also adds some balance. Now, for the backing…I’m going to go shopping for some muted or marbled yellow. I’ve also made a mini accent block mimicking the blocks on the front that I’ll work into the backing somehow. It measures 12.5″ square – that probably doesn’t sound very mini, but the blocks on the front measure 23″ square. I also swapped the white out for black which should make this block pop on the yellow backing.

mini block

I’ve already got some ideas about how I want to quilt this…I just need to get the backing and get it basted so I can start 🙂

On the running front, I completed two runs this week and will be meeting my running buddies tomorrow to put in 9 miles – eeks! Our Half Marathon is right around the corner on May 16th!

Monday: I was planning to complete 3 miles but came in a little short

4.27.15 garmin

Wednesday: I planned on 4 miles (if I count the warm up & cool down I made it…lol)

4.29.15 garmin

Wish me luck for tomorrow!!


4 thoughts on “The week that was

  1. Love that little mini block!! Too cute!!
    I love the way you’ve changed the pattern layout and added the four squares to each corner! It’s your quilt, so make it the way you want it to be! I don’t mind! 😊
    I can’t wait to see the way you quilt it! I really must get onto mine! x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Amanda! I was hoping to get to the fabric store today…but I’m feeling a bit tired from the 9 miles this morning so I might have to put it off until tomorrow or even next week 😦 I’ll keep you posted and I’ll keep watching your posts 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. The yellow looks great with the black! 🙂
    Enjoy your 9 mile run tomorrow. Is this the last long one before the half?


    1. Thanks Kirsten! I have one more long run next weekend – 10 miles – then I’ll taper down. The weather was PERFECT for our run today…I’ll post about it later.


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