9 miles and then some

With only two weeks until my Half Marathon, I really needed to put in some miles to make sure I’ll be able to cover the distance. I also wanted to try out GU gels before & during the run to see if it provided any help.

I met up with my running buddies (L & K) this morning and we drove to a local greenway – it’s an asphalt path that winds in and around wooded areas for two miles (4 miles out & back). The temps this morning were a perfect 55 degrees and with most of the route covered in shade it still felt great even as the temps started to rise.

Me & L planned to do 9 miles while K planned to do 12 – which was fine because K is faster than both of us! We started out together with a 5 minute warm up walk and then we all fell into our own pace. The first few miles passed quickly with the turn around point at the top of the only real hill on the path – I was able to run up the whole thing, small victories!

As I said earlier, I recently purchased some GU gel pouches and wanted to give them a trial run today. The website says you should eat one 45 mins before your run and another 15 mins before; then one every 30-45 minutes as needed. I had a small bowl of oatmeal this morning so I skipped the one 45 mins before but I ate one just before we arrived at the greenway.

I had covered 3 miles by the 40 minute mark so I had another GU (mandarin orange flavor, btw). I was running a 3-1 interval for the first 4 miles which brought me back to our starting point; I turned around and headed back in for round 2. I passed several other runners that offered me words of encouragement – that was pretty cool. By the 5 mile mark I started to take longer walk breaks falling into a 2-2 interval. I took another GU at the 80 min mark which was just shy of 6 miles…clearly I was slowing down.

When I reached the hill this time I walked it, ugh…my legs were starting to feel heavy and I still had 3 more miles to go so I didn’t want to push my luck! Around 7.5 miles an old familiar song came on – Footloose – it was the perfect tempo to run to and it gave me the boost I needed. I ate one more GU at the 2 hour mark and then finished 9 miles about 7 minutes later 🙂

I felt pretty good afterward and although I snuck in a 20 min nap later in the afternoon I still don’t have any stiffness or soreness…hmmm, maybe this GU thing really works!

I wore my Garmin and used the C25K app but again the app gave me some trouble – it jumped almost 3 tenths ahead only a few miles into the run…I have no idea what’s wrong with the darn thing!


5.2.15 garmin


5.2.15 c25k totals


So here’s the ‘and then some’ part – I needed to get fabric to finish the yellow & black quilt top I showed in my last post so after dinner tonight we went to Hobby Lobby. I was hoping to find a yellow that would match well with the top but maybe not as bright. I took the mini block with me and held it up to several options until I found the perfect one.

backing with mini block

It’s a little difficult to tell in this photo (I used my phone) but this fabric has a very pale polka dot design – from a distance it reads like a solid but up close you can see the dots.

closeup backing

(the shade of yellow didn’t turn out well in this shot)

Here’s what it looks like laying on the topper with the mini block…I think it’s going to look fabulous!!

backing on topper

And of course after I got back home and started to pull everything together to create my ‘quilt sandwich’, I realized I didn’t have enough batting – what!? ugh! how did I not notice that before…grrr!

So now I need to go back to Hobby Lobby (or some other store) to get batting. So many lessons learned :-/

That’s about it for tonight…


5 thoughts on “9 miles and then some

  1. Hi Sharon! Thanks for liking my blog! We certainly do have a lot in common! Looks like your training for your half marathon is going great! Keep it up! Never have used the GU gels myself. I’m an Advocare fan, so I drink Spark before my race. I keep myself super hydrated the week of the race. When I did my half, I drank at every water station they had and I had energy chews that I would take occasionally throughout the course. You’ll be awesome! I’ll be watching to see your post in it!

    Your quilt is great! Love the yellow and black color scheme…bold colors are my favorites!
    Have great start to your week!


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