Where did I leave off…

Oh yeah, I’ve got a few updates regarding my running and sewing escapades for the last several days.

Unfortunately I haven’t made any progress on the yellow & black lap quilt because I still haven’t made it to Hobby Lobby for more batting…ack! I have however been working on a few other things. I’ve been following two different folks as they complete their ‘block of the month’ challenges and I’ve fallen a tad bit behind, so this weekend I finished the April block for one of them. I have no idea what the name of this block is…anyone know?


I’m not really loving the fabric choices I made but it’s done and now I can move on to May. I have two blocks to make and the rest of the month to do it so I think I’ll be fine.

I also decided I would add some quilting to the baby blanket I posted about last week. It’s not a traditional quilt in that I sewed it together like a pillow case and there is no batting because I used flannel for the back. I decided I would follow the diagonal lines on the front which gives the flannel a bit more interest on the back. I also added a zigzag stitch around the border to help disguise the start/stop of all those lines.



Now all I need to do is add a label and then offer it up to one of my friends or put it up for sale on my Etsy page.

Yes, I’ve still been training for the Half marathon – it’s coming up this weekend…wow! My last long run was on Saturday and as luck would have it I ended up doing it alone. One running buddy, L, had to make a trip to Raleigh so she couldn’t run and the other buddy, K, hurt her heel and didn’t want to press her luck by trying to run 10 miles! So, I mustered up the motivation and hit the pavement around 8am Saturday morning. I decided to do an out & back from my house – I mapped out the course and even allowed for a stop/water refresh at my local Anytime Fitness.

The first 4 miles weren’t too bad, there was a little shade and a light breeze which made it feel pretty comfortable. I turned around at that point and headed to AF where I used the facilities and refreshed my water bottle. I left there and ran the next couple of miles in a neighborhood behind AF which offered quite a bit of shade. Around mile 7 I was back on the main street and in full sun…ugh…it was really, really hot. My energy was draining quickly in the heat – even the GU gels I had didn’t seem to make a difference.

As I turned down my neighborhood street, I knew I had about 1.5 to go so I talked myself up as best I could and finished the 10 miles…it wasn’t pretty but I did it. And what’s even better, at the 10 mile mark I knew I could’ve kept going if I had to (i.e. another 3.1 to the finish line) so I’m pretty hopeful I’ll do OK this weekend.

I had two issues with my tracking devices:

1. I forgot to start my Garmin until 2+ mins into the first run segment so it looks like I didn’t complete a full 10 miles…but trust me, I did! And even though the temp says 66, with the humidity and full sun it felt more like 106!


5.9.15 garmin

2. I set the C25K app for 35 intervals (3/1) and it stopped recording right before I hit 10 miles…grrr…note to self: add extra intervals next time 😉

5.9.15 c25k app

I had another training run this morning, only 4 miles because I’m tapering. It was another hot/humid run but thankfully I had a bit more shade today. The C25K app could not get a GPS lock this morning so I used it just to cue the 3/1 intervals and relied on my Garmin for distance. I did pretty good until that last mile…then I did a bit more walking than running.

5.12.15 garmin

I have one more training run on Thurs..only 2 miles…then the Half marathon on Saturday. It’s going to be a girls weekend, we’ve rented a house on the beach (there’s 5 of us running the race) so after the race we can crash on the beach and recover…woohoo!


2 thoughts on “Where did I leave off…

  1. Best of luck for the race today, although it sounds like you won’t need any luck the way you’re going – you’ve totally got this! Sending you speedy, cool, breezy vibes.
    Enjoy! 🙂

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