May BOM challenges

I’m finally caught up on the blocks I needed to make for the two Block of the Month challenges I’m following.

First is from Tinkerbellknits called Box Kite. This one was a little easier for me, maybe because I’ve got more experience now with HST…but I’m not getting cocky, cuz those things are still very tricky and they can get out of shape very easily! I did a little better job matching seams this time too…yippee!


Next BOM is from countrycouponlady who I found on YouTube but I’ve been getting the blocks through Instagram as she’s a little behind posting them on her channel. Her May block was a little more challenging because there were so many pieces and seams but I think I did OK. I don’t know the name of this block so if you recognize it please let me know.

May w flash

I’m still working on the quilting from the quilt along with 3and3quarters but I’ve chosen a more elaborate design so it’s taking me a little longer. I plan to share updates this weekend.

That’s all for now…


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