Almost done…almost

I’m entering the final stretch in finishing the Quilt-Along-With-Me from 3and3quarters.

Tonight I finished all the quilting by putting some simple straight lines in the black sashing and the border. Then I cut off the excess backing and binding and squared up the quilt…don’t tell my husband but I used our dining room table as my work table – I just couldn’t crawl on the floor any more!

I have no idea what that weird yellow dot is in the middle of the table...must be something in the flash bouncing back, LOL
I have no idea what that weird yellow circle is in the middle of the table…must have been caused by the flash!

Here’s a shot of it all squared up…squeeee!

Completed top squared

While I was finishing up the quilting I decided I would use a scrappy binding of the yellow patterned fabrics that I used in the top. It should frame up the black border and make nice contrast for the soft yellow polka dot backing – at least that’s how it looks in my head!

The blanket is 56″ square so I calculate I need 224″ plus 12″ extra for joining, then divide that by 40″ (WOF) which works out to 6 strips (the fabric is approx 44″ WOF but I like to use 40″ in my calculations that way I always have enough!). I only have three of the yellow pattern fabrics left over so I cut two, 2.25″ strips from each and pieced them together using a diagonal join. Finally, I pressed it in half and wound it up into a nice ball, now I’m ready to attach the binding – tomorrow!

scrappy binding

I’m so excited to be ‘almost’ done. After the binding I just need to add the label…hmmm, what am I going to use for the label? Oh boy, now I need to start thinking about that!

That’s all for now…G’night!

4 thoughts on “Almost done…almost

  1. I really like how it is coming together and cannot wait to see the scrappy yellow binding. It should give it a WOW! I always struggle with the label. But after following on Facebook the Memory Quilt that was lost at an Airport, I know how important a label is. PS – the Lost Memory Quilt has been located and is on it’s way home.

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