Ta-Da! It’s all done!!

Can I get a Woot Woot!?

I’m so excited to be done but at the same time a little sad…I had so much fun making this with Amanda and her Quilt-Along-With-Me series at 3and3quarters. I learned a lot too, like:

1. Make sure you have enough fabric before just jumping in and starting. I made my first block using clearance fabric before I thought through making the whole blanket, duh!

2. Make sure you have enough batting so you don’t cause unnecessary delays. I had a two week lag after making the top before I could baste & quilt, Oi!

3. Carefully wind your bobbin to reduce the chance of it tangling and breaking. I had to cut off almost half the thread on the bobbin because it got all tangled…such a waste of good thread.

4. Don’t oil your machine halfway through quilting…I didn’t realize it would get on the blanket as I smushed, pulled and finagled the blanket through the throat. Thankfully Hubby helped me get that out!

So now here’s the big reveal:






I added the label right before bed last night…I just love the name!!

It still needs a good bath to wash out all the quilt markings and then the only thing left to do is decide what I’m going to do with it…do I ‘gift’ it or sell it…hmmm, decisions decisions 😀


5 thoughts on “Ta-Da! It’s all done!!

    1. Thank you! I thought the name was perfect when I came across it online 😉 Yes, definitely time for a new project as I have two requests for baby blankets that need to be completed.


  1. Love, love, love the name you’ve chosen!
    Your quilt is beautiful and it’s been such a pleasure seeing it progress and come together on your blog!!
    Thank you so much for your support and active participation in my QAWM series! You’ve helped to give me a lot of confidence in my pattern writing and quilt designing over the past few months and for that I say a very big, heartfelt thank you!!! 😊
    Like you, I’m in two minds of what to now do with my quilt… Do I sell it? Give it away? Or just add it to the ever growing pile of quilts that litter our house?? Ahh, the decisions!!

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    1. Thank you Amanda! I really had a lot of fun – and few frustrations 😉 – along the way. One of the things I really liked about your QAWM is that you spaced out your series so I never felt rushed or like I was falling behind.

      I’ve decided to put the blanket up for sale on Etsy; if no buyers in 4 months I’ll consider gifting it…or maybe I’ll start a pile of keepers 😀

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