Running & Quilting

I’ve been so focused on finishing my quilting project that I forgot to post about my last few runs. Since the Half a few weeks ago, I’ve been a little lax in following my normal running plan (run 2x during the week with a long run on the weekend). That said I only have 3 runs to post:

Sat May 23:

K came over to my house and we ran 4 miles around my neighborhood. There may be a few hills but the tree lined streets offer a lot of shade! I forgot to wear my Garmin so I only have the C25K stats…once again it calculated a few extra tenths, not sure what I’m going to do about that but I like having the 3:1 cues so I may just deal with it :-/

5.23.15 c25k

Sat May 30:

K was out of town so L came over my house and we ran 4 miles around my neighborhood, I wore my Garmin this time! We got a bit of a late start so we had to deal with a little more heat…during miles 3 & 4 we were running one tenth then walking one tenth.

5.30.15 garmin

Mon June 1:

I got out there this morning for a quick 30 min run. I wanted to try out some new music I downloaded that was specifically 150 BPM…unfortunately it was a little too slow for running but it still seems to have had a positive impact on my time πŸ˜€ I’ve downloaded a different track at 165 BPM and will try that out on Wed.

6.1.15 garmin

And now for my new quilting project:

I had a request from a friend to make a baby blanket for some expectant parents. They already know it will be a girl so I get to play with a bunch of pretty pink fabrics. I found this cute little ‘chick-a-dee’ fabric and then bought the pinks to coordinate. I cut out several 6″ squares from each fabric and made 9 patches…then I cut them to make the Disappearing 9 Patch pattern. Now I just have decide if I like the way I’ve laid them out.

All opinions are welcome…in fact, I implore you to let me know what you think. Before piecing together it measures 33×52, I’m thinking of putting on a border of light yellow polka dot (left over from my last project) to tone down the pink. I’d like to use flannel or minky for the backing and they’ve asked for a shade of lavender – ha, that won’t be hard to find!


That’s all for now…G’night

8 thoughts on “Running & Quilting

  1. That is so pretty! And a yellow polka dot border will help to relieve the pink beautifully. Just a suggestion – might you consider including a narrow lavender border as well, to match the backing? Although that would make extra work, and also increase the size of the quilt … so maybe not. It looks beautiful anyway – I’ve never tried a disappearing 9-patch, but love the way yours has turned out, so I might have to add this technique to my “To Try” list! πŸ™‚

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    1. Hi, thank you for your suggestion…I too was wondering if I should try to incorporate lavender in the top. I’ll have to ponder on that a while. I haven’t been able to find any flannel or minky in that color so I may have to just use cotton, if so I can certainly buy enough to add a border to the top. The 9 patch was super easy to piece and then cutting it up added a whole different dimension, I really like it! Thanks again πŸ˜€


  2. It’s so pretty! πŸ™‚ I think the yellow border would be just perfect on this quilt. Although yellow is my favorite color so I generally say make everything yellow. I also agree with mothercat, adding a purple to the top would give it a nice touch.


    1. Thank you for your input! I completely agree about adding purple and did some browsing online last night…I’m going to check my local Hobby Lobby & JoAnn’s first and if they don’t have what I need I’ll just have to buy it online – I’m always worried the color will look different in person!


  3. Great running Sharon! I don’t usually listen to music when running but I like the idea of listening to music with a specific BPM to enhance your running – I’ll be interested to hear how you get on with the faster track. πŸ™‚
    I love the quilt too. I reckon yellow would definitely work on the border.
    Happy running and quilting! πŸ˜‰

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    1. Hey Kirsten, I went out this morning with the 165bpm track and although it was much easier to keep time with, I think I still need to go up a little more…they have a 175bpm track that I’ll try next time (you can check them out at
      Thanks for commenting on the quilt! I’m also going to add a lavender border…it should tone down some of the pink and match the backing fabric (if I can flannel or minky in that color!)


  4. Cute D9P. You are right, a yellow border will tie things together nicely. Also, my 2 cents, either a turquoise or a lavender binding would be cute. Another option is to incorporate a narrow border of the same inside of the outer yellow. I saw a baby quilt backed with the kinky this weekend. It was so soft, and a very nice finish. Great that you have a running partner!


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