Being that it was ‘National Running Day’ I most certainly needed to get a run in today. I almost bailed out of it when I looked outside this morning…overcast with some rain showers. But –  the upside was cooler temps and a light breeze so, I kicked my excuses in the teeth and got out the door!!

I’ve been targeting 30 min runs during the week so I knew it would be short-n-sweet. After my warmup walk, I started my Garmin, the C25K app and the 165 BPM music I had downloaded (so much to remember!). The quicker tempo made a difference, it was much easier to keep my steps in rhythm with the beat however I think I can still go a little higher/faster.

I made a short stop during mile 2 to visit with one of the neighbor’s dogs…she’s such a sweet little girl, I had run past her the last couple of times and she just looked so sad! Needless to say, I think it hurt my mile 2 time…oh well! The cloud cover and the light breeze made it a pretty enjoyable run even though the humidity was up.

6.3.15 garmin

Tonight I’ve started working on the Patchwork challenge for June from Tinkerbellknits; it’s called Joseph’s Delight. I knew I would have issues trying to sew all those little pieces together so I improvised and used paper piecing for the two sections highlighted in blue:


Here’s what I did: I knew those sections needed to be 3.5″ (unfinished) so I drew a square that size and then marked off the lines that I needed to sew…lo and behold it worked…yay!! I also used the faster/easier method for making HST – I cut 4″ squares of each fabric color, laid them right sides together and sewed a 1/4″ on either side of the center diagonal line. This made two HST from each pair; then I squared them up to 3.5″ (that seemed like the hardest part!).

I’ve got all the pieces laid out on the cutting mat just waiting to be sewn together – that will have to wait until tomorrow night as I’m a bit sleepy now which means I would make all kinds of mistakes if I continued…lesson learned the hard way!

block laid out
All laid out waiting to be sewn together
close up
Close up – without flash (sorry)
close up section
Close up of section I paper pieced

That’s all for now…G’night

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