Same focus, different day

My focus continues on running and sewing…I took a little break from the baby quilt I’m making and whipped up another 1 hour basket – I think I’m procrastinating the applique step for the letters and flowers!

First up, I got in a 3 mile run yesterday – oh man, it was a soupy, humid, overcast morning but I didn’t let that stop me. I got out the door at 7:30, a little earlier than I had been, and I was able to finish just as the sun was popping through the clouds. I’ve stopped using the C25K app for GPS tracking and only using it for the 3:1 interval cues (it’s been taking forever to find a satellite and it keeps adding extra tenths to my distance); I have my Garmin for distance and time tracking.

I had a banana and a GU packet before I left the house, figured I would need a little extra energy with the mucky weather. I started the 165bpm music, the Garmin and the app…and away I went. The first two miles weren’t too awful, in fact I was able to keep with the 3:1 intervals pretty closely. The last mile was a bit tougher – I was close to the house and thought about just ending the run at two miles…but I told myself that I could finish 3 miles even if I had to walk the last one. I finished it using 2:2 intervals…so not too bad.

6.9.15 garmin

This is actually my best overall time for 3 miles since January…WIN!


Now on to sewing – I did finally iron the letters and flowers to the baby quilt, it doesn’t look like there is much difference but trust me they are ironed on!


Now the next (daunting) step is to applique them on. I’ve decided to use my machine to do the stitching so I whipped up a ‘test’ piece last night just to see how I would do…um, I think I need a little more practice. I didn’t take a picture of the test piece but it wasn’t a total fail…just not as pretty as I’d like so I think I’ll do some more testing tonight. The problem is my machine is pretty old and the only speed control I have is the foot pedal (or manually turning the wheel). It’s ok when I’m on a straight section but when I need to do just a few stitches it’s hard to not go too far on the pedal. Practice will help.

While I was stewing about the applique I decided to make another 1 hour basket. This time it did only take about an hour…woohoo! I pulled out some animal prints & the In-R-Form plus and away I went. I remembered almost the whole pattern but double checked myself so I would make the right size this time!

Measures 9" wide x 7" tall
Measures 9″ wide x 7″ tall

Inside tiger print

Stuffed full of fabric goodies
Stuffed full of fabric goodies

I think I actually like the first basket better…it was about 1/2″ shorter in height and seems to be a better size for all the fat quarters I have. I guess I’ll just have to make another one that size to make a final decision 😉


One thought on “Same focus, different day

  1. Great run, Sharon! Adjusting the intervals is definitely a good idea on the heat and humidity.
    I can’t believe that basket only took you 1 hour to make! That’s amazing and it looks fantastic – Eye of The Tiger? 😉


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