What a great run!

Recently I’ve been ‘over-thinking’ my runs – when and where, how often, how far, should I go early, should I go later…etc. So much so that I’ve not been running on any kind of regular schedule – and I’ve decided ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Just get out there and run! Who cares when, who cares how far – getting out the door is so much more important.

This morning I decided that I would just get out the door and enjoy the run – no expectations, no prescribed distance or pace – and it was a GREAT run 😀 It was still hot and humid but I didn’t focus on that, instead I looked around at my neighborhood with a new perspective; checking out all the landscaping and flowers. It’s been a really long time since I’ve done that and it was very refreshing!!

Now of course I still wore my Garmin, used my app to announce the 3:1 intervals and had my music playing but I didn’t focus on any of them, they were just ‘there’. Around the 2.6 mark I was getting a little overheated so I took a long walk break – who cares! I finished up 4 miles and called it a day, it was great (did I already mention that? LOL).

Here are the stats just in case you’re wondering:

6.13.15 garmin

Looking at the numbers now, I can see that I actually shaved a whole minute off my time from the last time I ran 4 miles – WOW!

I simply MUST remember to just get out and run without expectations…it really pays off!


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