Beating the heat

This weekend we’ve experienced pretty high temps – 94 & 96 with lots of humidity in the mornings. I went to church this morning and to the grocery store after lunch but then decided it was best to just stay indoors…so, I went to my sewing room and started working on a few projects.

A couple of months ago, I bought a whole bag of zippers from a FB quilting community and they’ve just been sitting there – staring at me, LOL. Bag of Zippers

I decided to pull up one of Jenny Doan’s tutorials and make a few zippered pouches. I actually started making them yesterday and have four completed so far. I’ve used scraps to make all of these except for the green floral print in the first picture – that came from a new FQ; everything else was scraps…Hooray for scrap buster projects!

pouches outside

pouches lining





These pouches are remarkably easy…the hardest part is remembering to move the zipper head before cutting the zipper! Yep, I made that mistake and had to trash that zipper! Ha!

I’m not really loving the black & yellow pouch, I think it’s a little too tall…but it can hold two bottles of water, so I guess it can be used for something! I’ve posted the first two on my Etsy page along with the 1 Hour Baskets I made last week…fingers crossed, maybe I can start a little side business 😀


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