Finished Object and new beginning

For the last month I’ve been working on my first commissioned quilt – a friend asked me to make a baby blanket with the name appliqued. This was the first time someone paid me and the first time I tried applique. Of course I was very nervous since this would be going out as a gift for new parents and I wanted it to be just right (not perfect, cuz we all know that just aint gonna happen!)

I put the finishing touches on it Tuesday night and I mailed it off yesterday. The finished measurements are a little big for a baby blanket (39×60) but it will allow her to grow into it 😉 Overall I’m very happy with how it turned out 😀





DH has been reminding me that I’ve made several blankets over the last six months but none for my own grandsons. I told him that I wanted to ‘practice’ on these other quilts before I made theirs…so, now it’s time.

While at Hobby Lobby last week I picked up fabrics to make two quilts…for Grandson #1 I got Thomas the Train and for Grandson #2 I got Planes. I also bought some red fabric with a Mickey Mouse silhouette and some basic white fabric. I wasn’t sure what patterns I wanted to use so off to Pinterest I went to browse. I found a block called ‘friendship star‘ and thought that was a nice vibe so I started making blocks last week for Grandson #1.


After I made the first block I wasn’t sure what it would look like once I put all of them together…it’s looking rather patriotic, which isn’t a bad thing – just not what I was going for. Anyway, I charged on and last night I finished up the rest of the blocks. They measure 12.5″ each so when I put them all together I’ll have a top that measures 36×48. That’s a good size but now that I’ve got them all laid out on my ‘design bed’ I think it needs a border…and DH agrees.


When I step back from all this I can see many other patterns emerging…sometimes I like that and other times I’m not really sure about it. However, I’ll continue on with my original plan because it all usually works out in the end (at least that’s been my limited experience). These pictures don’t really do it justice – these colors are quite bright – so a solid blue border should calm it down and bring some order to it all. I also need to figure out what I’m going to do for backing…I always fail to plan for that in advance – so while I’m at HL for border fabric I’ll see what strikes me for backing.

Now that those blocks are done I need to start thinking about a pattern for Grandson #2. I don’t want to use the exact same pattern but I’ve already cut the red & white fabric into 4.5″ squares to make HST so I need to keep with that thought or decide to use them in another way…back to Pinterest I go!



I haven’t been running this week…it’s just been too hot. The temps in the morning have been in the mid to upper 70’s with really high humidity so I’ve just decided I’ll wait until the weekend to run. A couple of days off won’t hurt 😉


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