More sewing, more running

I’ve made a little more progress on the quilts for my grandsons. I cut and sewed the dark blue border to Grandson #1 topper and I like it, I really like it. The dark blue helps tone down all the bright colors. I also printed, transferred and cut out his initial (T) to apply to the top; I used the same fabric I’ll be using for the backing. The letter all by itself does not stand out on the topper so thankfully I had just enough of the dark blue fabric left to make a background block for the letter. I haven’t ironed either of these to the top yet, I’m still auditioning for the correct location.

option 1
option 2
option 2

I think I like option 1 the best.

I also made the initial for Grandson #2 (K) and very quickly found the same issue with needing a background block and once again the dark blue fabric did the trick. I also know exactly where I’m going to place his initial:



I went out for a short run this morning, the temps have started to creep back up but it wasn’t too bad. I’ve been using background music specifically timed to 180 bpm (beats per minute) to try to improve my pace. Because of this I switched up my intervals to run 4 minutes then walk 2 minutes to give myself a little more recovery time. It worked pretty well today, we’ll see if I can keep this up 😉


That’s all for now…G’night!

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