4th of July and Granny squares

Last weekend we ended up having unexpected guests – friends from Maryland called Friday morning and asked if they could come down for the weekend, we said “Sure!”. It’s a seven hour drive so it’s beyond me why they would want to drive down Friday night only to turn around and go back home Sunday afternoon…but hey, whatever. I told them that I wouldn’t be up when they arrived because I had to get up early for my “American 4 Miler” run.

They arrived around 1:30 a.m. but thankfully they were very quiet so I never heard them. I got up at 5:15 a.m., got dressed, had breakfast and left to meet the girls at the church at 6:15. The weather that morning was pretty humid but it was a bit overcast and there was an occasional breeze. We got to packet pickup at 7, plenty of time before the run at 7:30. There were so many people in colorful red, white and blue outfits…I felt rather ‘under dressed’. I decided to wear the tech tank they provided instead of the cut-up red t-shirt I had on; it looked much better 😉

After the National Anthem was played, we were off! I had programmed my app for 4:2 run/walk and I used the 165 bpm music – I knew it was just too dang hot/humid to try to use 180 however I told myself if I felt good at the halfway point I would switch over – ha!! That was not to be…by mile 2 I felt completely drained – ugh! I couldn’t believe how poorly I felt, my legs were like jelly and I was SO overheated I thought I was going to have to stop. I had plenty of water with me and it was actually infused with an electrolyte mix – I can only attribute it to the temp. K stayed with me the entire run although I kept telling her not to slow down for me; she said the heat/humidity was really getting to her too.

I ate a GU at 37 minutes hoping that would put a little kick in my step…it helped a little. We chugged through the rest of the course running as much as we could. We finished side by side at 55:30…

7.4.15 American 4 miler photo

My Garmin says we were about 30 seconds faster…but it’s close enough! Looking at the time on each mile I think I know why I felt so bad at the end of mile 2…yikes! I must’ve been really pushing it during the run segments if my average ended up under 13 mins! I didn’t even realize it 😦

7.4.15 American 4 miler

We celebrated the end of the run with a few beers, had some of the snacks they provided and then headed back home.

7.4.15 American 4 miler photo 2


Our house guests wanted to go to the lake to watch the fireworks but I told them we didn’t have to go anywhere because there would be plenty of them right in our neighborhood…and they didn’t disappoint. We sat on our front porch and watched as several neighbors set off quite an impressive display.

I didn’t get much sewing in over the weekend but I was back at it last night. A quilting friend sent me a message on Friday letting me know that JoAnn’s had FQ on sale plus an additional 20% off your entire bill…I hopped in the car and got there as quickly as I could! I picked up 30 FQ for just over $31 – WOOT!


I started playing with some of these late Sunday and finally decided I would make a few black/white/gray Granny Squares…Oh! I’m really crushing on these!!


This one still needs to be pieced together…guess what I’ll be doing tonight!  😀


That’s about all for now…ttfn

One thought on “4th of July and Granny squares

  1. Ah, it’s so easy to get carried away at the start and end up feeling rotten at the end. Still, you did really well and at least you got to put your feet up later and recover with fireworks in the evening. 🙂

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