I haven’t lost my math skills!

So last night I stopped working on my monochrome granny squares because I was tired and I didn’t want to make any mistakes with the sashing I was adding to the squares. I started out with 6 FQ in the darker shades and if my math skills were still intact, I figured I had just enough to sash all six blocks.

I picked up working on the sashing today and I was able to finish all 6 blocks!! With a few scraps to spare…Yee-haw!

Final layout

Sorry about the poor lighting, even with my ‘real’ camera this is the best shot I could get. I think this will be the final layout as well; I plan to add 4″ white sashing in the middle (like I have auditioned in the pic) and then 4″ more white all around the outside. That should give me a final measurement of 49×63 before quilting and binding. I think the white sashing & border will bring a calming affect to all the prints and dark shades.

I still have no idea what I’m going to do for backing, but I do need to go back to JoAnn’s to pickup a few more FQ to match the ones I chose to make new placemats…only problem was I didn’t buy enough the first time…grrr!

Here’s the first placemat I made – sophisticated on one side, party on the other!


That’s all for now…G’night ❤

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