Border crazy and free stuff

I finished piecing the Granny Square top last night and found some old skirt hangers to hang it up so I could get a better look (not sure why I didn’t try this sooner!). Once I stepped back and took a few photos, it was painfully clear it needs another border. I’m not sure if I’ll do a plain black border or maybe introduce a pop of color…what do you think?

top completed1
The lighting is pretty bad in this shot but take my word for it, the colors are black, gray and white :-s

I mentioned in a previous post that I had won a $50 gift card for the and after several days of browsing I finally placed my order this morning. I got two large spools of Aurifil Thread (I’ve read so many great things about it and now I’ll get to try it…sqweeeee!). And from a seasonal point of view, I stumbled across an adorable Patchwork Pumpkin table runner on Pinterest so I just had to get some fabric to make it. I’m so excited…can’t wait for that shipment to arrive!

Thanks again to Late Night Quilter!


Have a great day…ttfn

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