Cozy Afternoon Block 2 complete

I didn’t spend near as much time in my sewing room today as I would’ve liked but…I was still able to complete the second block in the Cozy Afternoon series – it’s not too late to join! (p.s. it’s FREE)

The second block has quite a few small HST (too small for my liking) and as I feared I got my seams a little off as I pieced the border…ugh! I’ve decided to keep it anyway. The center piece in this block is a tea pot and I did pretty good lining everything up but I had a little trouble figuring out how to applique some of the smaller pieces. I just wasn’t sure how to do it when the piece is barely wider than the zigzag stitch (i.e. the teapot handle and the bumble bee) so I just ‘winged it’ and I guess it doesn’t look too bad.


.bom2 closeup

I used light blue thread this time for the applique stitching – I was hoping to make the objects stand out a little more. I don’t think I achieved that but I don’t mind the look either.

I’ve got one more block to get caught up. I traced on Heat-n-bond, ironed and cut out the pieces for the next center block but that’s where I’m stopping tonight…my eyes are very tired and I fear I would ‘fudge’ something if I continued.


My running buddies are otherwise occupied tomorrow morning so looks like I’ll be taking a solo run. I haven’t run all week…it’ll be interesting to see how far I can go. I’m hoping for 4 miles…we’ll see  :-p

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