A little run

I mentioned in my post last night that I was going to try to get a 4 mile run in today…WTH was I thinking!? I haven’t run that far in weeks so I must’ve been pretty tired when I posted that…lol!

I did go out for a short run this morning using 2:2 (run/walk) intervals; it was extra soupy humid and I was DONE after 30 minutes. The 2:2 intervals seems to be a good combination for me – just as I’m getting overheated it’s time to walk. My average pace wasn’t too bad but I really wasn’t trying to go at any certain pace, just whatever was comfortable. The last .25 segment pace looks really good but it was all downhill šŸ™‚

7.18.15 garmin


The rest of the day will be spent in my sewing room working on Block 3 in the Cozy Afternoon series. I’m getting a little better at applique so I would say this effort is paying off.


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