Productive day

I’ve been in my sewing room quite a bit today…I needed a break so I figured I’d pop out here to post a few pictures.

I finished piecing together Cozy Afternoon block 3 but I’m not really happy with it. The border squares are not aligned and I’m thinking about re-doing them using paper piecing instead of the original instructions which had me cut on the bias…I always have trouble with that 😦  I’m also not too pleased with the placement of the center square but there’s not a whole lot I can do about that one…


After finishing (for now) that block I wanted to work on another small project so I pulled some scrap fabric and a couple of fat quarters and made a blanket for my ‘fur baby’. I can’t believe I hadn’t done that before now! I haven’t quilted it yet – I’m just going to do some straight lines echoing the seams. I’ll try to get some pics of her on it later.


I’m planning to go fabric shopping tomorrow morning (another PTO day) at Mary Jo’s and a local quilt shop called Sew Much Fun! I’ve decided to add a teal border to the monochrome top I’ve started and use that same teal fabric for the backing. I have a ‘test Granny Square’ block I made a few weeks ago that I’m going to incorporate into the back; it has the shade of teal I’ll be looking for…wish me luck!! Here’s a reminder of the top and the test block:

top completed1


That’s about it for now…I’ll probably head back to the sewing room later, who knows what I’ll make next! I’m really loving this ‘sewing thing’!! 😀

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