Fabric haul and a small project

I’ve been off work for the past couple of days and I’ve been able to spend quite a bit of time in my sewing room, but alas it’s back to work today.

On my last day off yesterday I did a little shopping, I needed to get border & backing fabric for my monochrome Granny Square top (which by the way one of my neighbors has said she will buy when finished! Wow! As such, she wants it to stay all black & white, no other color…fine by me!)

There’s a Mary Jo’s fabric shop about 30 mins from me that I’ve never visited and I noticed there was a quilt shop just six miles from there participating in Row by Row, so it was a two-fer! Going into Mary Jo’s was a bit overwhelming at first…so.much.fabric…but it’s all clearly organized into sections so it was pretty easy to find the Black & White patterned fabric. Unfortunately, none of it was right for this top. I browsed around and found some fat quarters I liked so I picked up 4 for $10. I also looked at the sewing machines – they carry Baby Lock. There are two features that I must have: Needle Down and Speed Control; anything else is just gravy. The assistant showed me a few but I think I fell in love with The Rachel. It’s got my must haves and it was on sale but…I did not buy it…I’m not ready – yet. I also picked up a spool of Gutterman thread, I’ve heard good things about it and wanted to try it…and lastly as I was checking out I noticed they had Bosal In-R-Form on sale for $6.72, I got that too.


Baby Lock Rachel

Next stop was at “Sew Much Fun!” quilt & fabric shop…and it lived up to it’s name! The people there were very friendly and welcoming and they allowed me to browse to my hearts content. I found some lovely fabrics in their sale bin but alas nothing jumped out at me for the border/backing of my top. I looked at their sewing machines – all Bernina – and found one with my must haves in my price range but I didn’t fall in love with it…Baby Lock is still in the lead, lol. I also picked up their pattern for Row by Row and the schedule for classes they offer.


Since I still needed border & backing fabric I went back to my old standby…Hobby Lobby…and I’m so glad I did! They had the black & white dot swirl fabric that I used on my very first quilt and I’ve often said (to myself) that I would buy it all if they had it again…and I did! I also picked up another black & white patterned fabric that I thought would work well for the monochrome top. I went to the cutting station and told the attendant that I needed 3 & 2/3 yards of that fabric and unfortunately they only had 3 yards…not enough. She said they had more on order so I got an 1/8th yard as a sample so I could at least see what it looked like against the topper. Then I told her that I would take what was left of the black & white dot swirl fabric…and here’s where it gets eerie…it was exactly 3 & 2/3 yards!! More on that in a minute.

I also browsed their remnants section and picked up quite a few pieces that were almost a yard each and most of them were under $3…woohoo!


I messaged my neighbor to let her know that I had a couple of options for the border & backing so she stopped by last night…and as I suspected, she chose the black & white dot swirl fabric! It was a message from the fabric gods when it measured out exactly!! LOL.

I also made one small project last night, it’s an Oven Hand Mitt. It was pretty simple to put together but I think I was rushing a little bit because I made a mistake when cutting my pieces (1 inch too short) and my seams are not as good as they could be. I’ll try it again another time.

Oven hand mitt1

Oven hand mitt3

That’s about it for now…have a great day!!

2 thoughts on “Fabric haul and a small project

  1. Sewing and fabric shopping – so productive! I’m headed to Mary Jo’s this week. It’s a pretty amazing place indeed. I had a mechanical Baby Lock for years and it was a great machine. Good luck with your final decision.

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