Small Projects

I must be procrastinating again because I’m focusing on smaller projects instead of finishing the monochrome quilt top. It just needs one set of borders so I’m not sure why I seem to be putting it off! Ah, maybe it’s the quilting that’s scaring me…I have NO IDEA how I want to quilt it and now with the added pressure of my neighbor wanting to buy it, I’m dragging my feet…ugh!  Oh well, maybe I’ll get to it tomorrow :p

On the bright side, I’ve finished 2 double ended potholders. One I’m not so in love with, but the other one looks pretty good!

The ugly duckling first – it’s not the sewing and quilting that’s turning me off, it’s the combination of fabrics. I started this one as a ‘tester’ for enlarging the original pattern so I really didn’t pay much attention to the fabric choices…big mistake & lesson learned.

double potholder #2

The dark blue and orange on the top side goes together pretty well – it’s that horrible flower pattern on the back…it just.doesn’t.match! And you may say that it doesn’t look too bad in the photo, but trust me – in person, it’s THAT bad! Oh well, it’s done and that’s all I can say.

The second one, which I finished tonight, is a mix of teal fabrics…not necessarily the color you think of for kitchen fabrics but I was really drawn to them so I went with it. I quilted an X on the potholders and then echoed the lines to fill in. Then I quilted large diamonds on the length in between the potholders; I think it turned out really nice…it kind of looks ‘upscale’…maybe…lol

Double potholder #3 front & back

I think I’ll give the potholders a rest for now, unless someone makes a request.

Speaking of requests, my sister posted a picture & link for a hanging fabric book holder on my FB timeline and my cousin asked if I would make her a pair. I said “OF COURSE!” She picked out some fabric online from JoAnn’s so I’m headed there in the morning to pick up a few yards. According to the instructions, it shouldn’t take me too long to sew it together so this should be another ‘small project’ 😀

That’s about all for now…G’night!

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