Projects rolling in

I’ve got a couple of topics today…first, some very BIG news…


my new machine

It’s a Pfaff Ambition 1.0. I had been shopping around for a new machine – I looked at Baby Lock, Bernina, Janome, Juki, Brother and Singer. I had a couple of ‘must haves’: needle down and speed control. After looking at and trying out several models the Baby Lock Rachel was in the lead…and then I measured the throat space (that area to the right of the needle); unfortunately she was 1″ smaller than what I have now with my 40 year old Singer! There was no way I was giving up throat space!

While shopping at a local sewing store, the owner pointed out this Pfaff machine. I was not immediately sold. She’s nice enough but I still kind of had my heart set on the Rachel (this was before measuring). He made me a very reasonable offer on the Pfaff, throwing in the extension table as well…but I wasn’t ready to buy. I left the store and the next day I went to Mary Jo’s with intentions to purchase the Rachel…that’s when I measured the throat…my heart sunk!! I looked at the next model up that had my must haves and at least the same size throat I have but they wanted over $1200! Ugh. I left there and went home to think and browse reviews of the Pfaff Ambition. I found mostly overwhelmingly positive reviews, of course there were a few where folks didn’t like certain features but the quality and workmanship were rated very high…so…I went back the next day and bought her!

Now I’ve got the task of organizing and setting up my sewing room to accommodate both sewing machines – NO, I’m not getting rid of my Singer! I’ve enlisted DH to help with building/buying a work table for cutting and measuring…this should be interesting!! We’ve still got to get the queen size bed out of there…ugh.

So as you might expect I’ve already been using my new machine and have a few finished objects to share. First, I’ve finished the hanging fabric book holders for my cousin…and with some of the left over fabric I made her a reusable market tote too:

This is just one of two. It's just hanging there make-shift. Once they get to their new home, she will hang them properly.
This is just one of two. It’s just hanging there make-shift. Once they get to their new home, she will hang them properly.



Then I just had to make a new thread catcher to sit next to my new machine:


I used In-R-Form Plus to give it body.
I used In-R-Form Plus to give it body. I think I may still add a lining…

Since I posted a picture of my new Pfaff in Instagram & FB I’ve had two requests for new projects!

First is a baby blanket, this time for a boy and she wants his name appliqued on it. Luckily he’s not due until mid-Oct so I have plenty of time!

Second is a friend of a neighbor, I haven’t actually spoken with her yet so I’m not sure what she wants but my neighbor is going to give her my contact info.

Lastly, an old work buddy that’s since moved to California saw my post about the Patchwork Pumpkin table runner and has asked if she can buy one. WOW…if this keeps up I might be able to start a little side business!


I didn’t get any running done during the week – the heat and humidity have been at record levels…however, we got a bit of a break this morning so I went out for 3 miles. Now I won’t feel guilty about sitting at my sewing machine for hours!! lol… I’m still doing 2/2 run/walk intervals and I actually picked up a few seconds on my average pace today…woohoo!



5 thoughts on “Projects rolling in

  1. I’m envious of that throat space. My old machine was very nice, but it died and I had to replace it quickly and inexpensively. I was able to find a nice singer with needle up/down and speed control – but I had to sacrifice throat space to fit in my budget.

    I really need to make a thread catcher. I’ve been sewing a lot with white thread and our grey/black carpet is really making it clear that I’m not very good at grabbing all the threads when I snip! 🙂

    Enjoy your new machine!

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    1. Thanks! So far I’m really liking my new machine! I still need to schedule a trip back to the shop where I bought it for ‘owners class’ to learn all the little tricks this machine can do.

      Luckily I was in no hurry to buy a new machine which allowed me to shop around…probably a little too much because I got overwhelmed with all the choices. I haven’t actually quilted anything yet but I’ve got a 80×60 project waiting so I’m hoping the extra throat space will help 😀


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