Finding motivation

I’ve been pretty haphazard with my running these past few months. We’ve had record breaking heat & humidity which has just zapped any motivation I had for running but I’m happy to say my running buddies have made a difference. Even when we haven’t been able to meet up on the weekends, knowing that they’re out running has ‘kept me honest’ 😉

We haven’t run together since our July 4th 4 miler race…wow, can’t believe it’s been that long…but we met up this morning for 4 miles. The weather started out pretty nice – overcast, low 70’s and a little breeze – but the sun decided to make an appearance about half way through and it got HOT…ugh.

I followed my 2/2 run/walk plan even though they were doing 4/2…funny enough we kept pretty close to each other. I’m happy that I got out there this morning and I’m grateful for running buddies that keep me motivated! Now if we can just get a break in the weather, I might be able to get back to running 3x a week!


One thought on “Finding motivation

  1. Well done, Sharon. That’s great you got to run with your running buddies again. I’m sure you’ll be back to running 3 times a week again soon. 🙂

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