Sewing update

I’ve got a couple of projects to post about:

First, I’ve started another Pumpkin table runner – this one using a single fabric for the pumpkin versus patchwork. As usual I’ve worked myself into a corner…I’ve run out of backing fabric…grrrr! When will I learn?! I’ve got two pumpkins completed, one more is cut but I can’t quilt it until I get more backing.

two pumpkins done

Next, I completed the August BOM from Tinkerbellknits called Morning Star. I didn’t follow the directions exactly as written because it called for too many bias cuts and that still scares me…so I created a paper piece template for the four corners and it worked out just fine 🙂

August Morning Star complete

She also posted a picture of her 8 blocks so far this year so I figured I would too…wow, looking at them now I can clearly see how not only my sewing & piecing skills have improved but also my fabric coordinating skills!

8 blocks

Lastly, tonight I finished up the August block from the Cozy Afternoon series but I’m going to have to undo the last set of triangle borders because they’re not on point and it’s making my block way too big…but that’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

August block

August closeup

That’s about all for now…G’night!

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