Cozy Afternoon block fixed…sort of…

Last night I finished up the August block in the Cozy Afternoon series but I’ve gotten off somewhere and the block is too large. I realized last night that the stacked border was not meeting up with the points on the white center square so I unpicked the border this morning and reattached it this evening. It matches up much better now but the block is still about 1/4″ too big. I don’t know where else I messed up and I’m not going to worry about it either.

Here’s the finished block:


and a close up:


Here are the 4 blocks so far in the series … there’s one more that will be released in Sept then I can start assembling the top:

4 blocks done


Tomorrow I head back to the store where I purchased my new sewing machine for their “Owner’s class”. I’ve been doing pretty good on my own but I’d like to get a little more in depth with what the machine can do and it’s always better when someone more knowledgeable is there to show you.


I haven’t run at all this week and I probably won’t run again until Saturday; one day I’ll get back to running 3 days a week…one day 😉

That’s all for now…G’night

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