Genny & Ruth blanket

In my last post I mentioned I had made a block for a fabric & thread giveaway; I’m not sure if the official name of this block is “Genny & Ruth” but that’s what it’s called on the site where I downloaded it…that’s good enough for me.

I liked it so much I’ve decided to make three more for a baby blanket. The only problem: I only had fat quarters of the colors I used in the first block and they wouldn’t make 3 more blocks so I made one more block tonight using matching colors (these are 20 1/2″ squares unfinished):

two blocks done

And, since I have more fat quarters in this bundle I’m going to make the other two blocks in a reverse color scheme – dark on the inside migrating to light on the outside. I’m hoping this will give a ‘mirror-like’ effect once they’re side by side. I’ve already cut the pieces for block 3 and have them lined up for sewing:

3 lined up

and block 4 is almost done being cut…I just need to finish cutting the tan pieces for the corners and HST:

4 almost cut

I checked my stash and I think I’ve found the perfect backing fabric for this top…I’ll know for sure once I have all the blocks completed and can lay them out…more to come on that.


I didn’t work on the pumpkins tonight but I did get two done last night. I think I can get two more done tomorrow night and then I can start the applique and quilting process.

two pumpkins

That’s about all for now…G’night!

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