All sewing…no running

I wish I could blame my lack of running on the weather…but the last week has not been as hot and the only thing keeping me from getting out the door is my own brain…grrr! I even skipped the 10K I was supposed to run last weekend {{{so embarrassed to admit that}}}. I’ve been chastising myself for the last couple of days and I hope this ‘no running phase’ passes really soon.

I’ve been keeping myself distracted by sewing a lot. I got a call from a friend last weekend and she asked if I could whip up a baby blanket for one of her neighbors…they had a baby girl a few months ago and she completely zoned out about asking me to make the quilt so she wanted to know if I could do it pretty quickly. Well sure, I’m always up for a challenge!

I pulled some appropriate fat quarters from my stash and got to work following a pattern I saw on Pinterest. I even had a few yards of pink polka dot fabric I could use for the back so I was all set. Oh and she wanted the baby’s name on the quilt top too – Anya – so I appliqued that in the center block.The top came along pretty fast but then I got stumped on a border, which meant I needed to make a run to Hobby Lobby for more fabric 😉


Once the top was done I decided to use some fusible batting I had in my stash…this is my first time with it so I read the directions very carefully and ironed it all out last night. To my horror, I started seeing little dots showing up on my quilt top!! At first I thought there might be something on my iron but it was clean as a whistle…then I realized it was the fusible substance sticking to the back side of the fabric. Since this is my first time using this, I have no idea if this is ‘normal’ and will come out in the wash – or if I should be concerned! I’ve posted a question on a quilting forum I follow…hopefully I’ll get an answer soon (or I’ll start crying!!).

If anyone has experience with this I’d appreciate your words of wisdom!!

IMG_2736 IMG_2737


I’ve also finished all four Genny and Ruth blocks I started last week…I LOVE how they look together!! I have the perfect baby animal fabric for the back and can’t wait to put it all together – but that will have to wait until I finish the blanket for Anya.

All 4 done


Another project in the works is the Patchwork Pumpkin table runner for my friend in California. I have 3 pumpkins done waiting to be quilted. I should finish the 4th one today or tomorrow and then I can get started quilting and putting it together. I’d like to have this in the mail to her by Sept 1…fingers crossed!!!


5 thoughts on “All sewing…no running

    1. Thanks Lynz! I just started sewing & quilting last year so it’s never too late to start. Before that I had only used my sewing machine to repair seams and that was very rare so it doesn’t take a lot of training…just practice and not being afraid to make mistakes 😀

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