5+ miles and a finish

I actually got two runs in this week…a short one on Thursday and nice 5+ miles today. The weather on Thursday was so beautiful I just HAD to get out there! It was overcast with a pretty good breeze…what a difference from all the heat & humidity these past months. I wish I had gotten out the door earlier so I could’ve run a little further.


My running buddies are starting to amp up their training for a Half they’ve signed up for in late October. I won’t be running it with them because I’ll be on a Caribbean island celebrating my 30th wedding anniversary – yeah, I guess that’s a pretty good reason!

Their plan had them putting in 7 miles today – no way I could go that far, especially with my haphazard running over the last several weeks, but I went with them and was pleased that I went more than 5 miles…almost 6!

The weather was a little warmer and the humidity had creeped back a little bit but the route was mostly shady so it really wasn’t a factor. I went back to my 2/2 run/walk intervals knowing I was going to at least do 5 miles and I didn’t want to over do it. My pace was a little off but I’m still happy with it.


After getting home, stretching and getting cleaning up, DH and I went to lunch. There’s a local restaurant that serves breakfast on the weekends until 2pm so we went there and I had a nice breakfast lunch of eggs, bacon, fruit and english muffin…YUM!

I retreated for a short nap and then went into my sewing room. I finished up the ‘urgent’ baby blanket for Anya by putting on the label. An update from my earlier post about the spots that showed up when I used fusible batting: I washed the blanket last night in cold water and the spots all disappeared—YAY!!!

Finished blanket


If you zoom in on the label in the second picture, you’ll notice it’s washed out! I was horrified to see this when I got it out of the dryer and I stewed all night about how I was going to fix it. After my run today I ripped that label off, printed a new one and sewed it on.

laundered with new label

This is so much better…but I fear it will wash out again once it goes through the laundry…eeks. I’ve used this same method on all my other quilts and those labels did not wash out…not sure why this one did 😦   I can only hope this second attempt will be OK.

I’ll be working on the Patchwork Pumpkin table runner for the rest of the evening, hoping to both projects in the mail on Monday.


2 thoughts on “5+ miles and a finish

  1. You have definitely inspired me. I will begin a walking program tomorrow. Just hope I’ll stick to it! Coming back to quilt is an excellent reward.

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