I’ve got a lot of work to do…

I’ve got lots to share about finished objects and starting new projects!

First, I finally finished both blankets for the grandsons! I had sent them out to be quilted by a friend of a friend who had just gotten a new computerized program for her long arm machine. She offered me a great deal and I couldn’t pass it up! She used an all-over pattern of loops and stars…I think it’s perfect.

Grandson #1 loves Thomas the Train so I used that fabric along with white and red to make a Friendship Star pattern. I got a blue star fabric for the back and finally decided to use a multi-color stripe for the binding. All I have left to do is add a label and it will be ready for our trip up at the end of the month…yeehaw!

IMG_2787 IMG_2785


Grandson #2 hasn’t really shown a preference for anything yet so I decided to use planes and primary colors on this top with the same blue star fabric for the back and the multi-color stripe for binding. The label is the last step for this one as well.



Since I’ve been posting most of my work on FB & Instagram I’ve had several friends and relatives ask to buy items or ask me to make something for purchase…it’s extremely flattering and my list is really starting to grow!

I’ve started making a Christmas tree table runner similar to the Pumpkin table runners I’ve already made. I don’t have a pattern for it – I’m just following the picture of the completed item from Pinterest. This means I had to make a ‘test’ block to figure out dimensions and make mistakes. I figured out that the base of my first tree wasn’t wide enough and when I applique it down I need to start at the top for both sides before sewing along the bottom of the tree…otherwise there is a slight shift and the tree is crooked.

So far I have two orders for this table runner…not to mention, I’d like one for myself!

Here are the 2nd and 3rd trees I made – I just LOVE how the patchwork of fabric makes it look like the tree is ‘decorated’!! You may also notice in the background that I got an ‘official’ design wall which replaces the random batting I had 🙂


I still need to find the right fabric for strips between the trees, binding and backing. The backing is the one thing I can’t copy from Pinterest because it’s not shown 😦

Another project I’ve started is a commissioned baby blanket for a boy expected at the end of October. I’ve pieced the top together and I picked up the perfect fabric for borders last night. I plan to make the border about 6″ and will applique his name, Rece, in the border.


grrr…I turned on every light in the room and still the picture comes out dark 😦 This fabric is a beautiful soft white, tone on tone stripe

Because of the direction of the stripe I’m going to have to cut two of the borders on the bias…that scares the crap out of me…I’ll have to be very careful not to get it stretched out of shape :-s

Lastly, I was asked last week by my cousin if she could commission a crib blanket with pink camouflage on one side and bunnies on the other. She’s leaving the design/pattern completely up to me! Of course I said yes and off to the fabric store I ran! Here’s what I’ve picked up so far. My plan (at the moment) is to use the pink camo as the backing – its flannel – and to applique bunnies on the topper. I will also use some of that soft white, tone on tone stripe on this blanket, just not sure how yet.


Ok, I think that’s it for now…whew, I’ve got a lot of work to do!!

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