Running update

Although my running has been super sporadic I do have two runs I haven’t posted. One was a week ago and the other was yesterday.

Let’s start with a week ago – the weather was warm and muggy, much like the entire summer, and since I didn’t run at all over that weekend I figured I used the holiday (Labor Day in the US) to put in a few miles. Because of the aforementioned lack of running consistency I’ve decided to start using Run Double’s 5k-10k plan. Week 1 Day 1 calls for 5 reps of 8 min running with a 1 min walk break. I’ve been using intervals of 2/2 or 3/2 or even 4/2 on a good day so I wasn’t sure how I’d do with 8/1 but what the heck, I gave it a try.

I did pretty good with the first 3 intervals but the lack of running and the shorter intervals I’d been using caught up with me after three miles and I called it quits shortly afterward. Not the ‘restart’ I was looking for 😦


The weather forecasters were calling for a big break in the weather last week and it finally arrived Saturday night. I typically have been running on Saturdays but decided to wait until Sunday to enjoy the cooler temps…and it did not disappoint!

Because of my lack luster performance on my last run, I made up my own plan this time – 4 miles using 4/2 run/walk intervals and I had much better results.

The weather was stunning – upper 50’s, no noticeable humidity and beautiful blue skies – FINALLY!

I got out the door around 8:30 and followed my 4/2 plan along a route in my neighborhood. I was feeling great through 3 miles and then I felt the fatigue set in; my legs felt so heavy and tired. I added a couple of extra minutes onto my walk breaks and even walked a little in the final run segments – I figured just getting in 4 miles was a good thing πŸ˜‰


I’m pretty happy overall and even a little surprised to see that mile 3 was my fastest (ha, but not by much!)…I wonder if that’s why my legs felt so heavy in the final mile?

The temps are a supposed to be similar all week so I have NO EXCUSES not to run…let’s see how I do!

I didn’t do any sewing yesterday :-O It was the kick-off of the NFL season and I was planted on the couch watching as many games as possible…and I also watched the Men’s US Open Championship match (Congrats to Novak but I was cheering for Roger). I was in sports heaven!!

That’s all for now…have a great day!!

4 thoughts on “Running update

      1. Hahaha, right there with you about running without walking…not happening!
        I keep my arms pumping when I’m walking (like when running) it helps me take smaller steps and (hopefully) walk a little faster.
        All we can do is keep trying!! πŸ™‚

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