Guilt running

Well, I guess the weather wasn’t the only thing keeping me from running during the week – cuz it was beautiful every day this week and I found plenty of excuses to not to get out the door 😦

The guilt mounted and I finally went out for a run this morning. I planned to do 4 miles using distance splits instead of time. I programmed my C25K app for .4 miles run and .1 walk – I was a little worried the app would let me down because the last few times I tried to use it for distance it kept losing the GPS signal…but not today! Yay!

I got out the door about 8:30 am and followed a familiar route through my neighborhood. The weather was quite nice and I was in the shade most of the time so it didn’t start to get too hot until the last mile. Looking at my stats I can see that I started out too fast which always costs me in the end 😦  But that’s ok, I finished 4 miles and I feel better for doing it…guilt can be a good motivator 😉


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