Where has the week gone…

Unfortunately there’s nothing to report on the running front…I’m still in my funk and haven’t run at all since last Saturday. If this keeps up I’m going to have to start over from ground zero. I think I’m getting ‘lost’ because I’m not training for a race with my running buddies. They’re doing the Myrtle Beach Half in October and I’m not because I’ll be on my 30th Wedding Anniversary trip – which is a good reason – however the fact that I don’t have a race coming up has my brain talking me out of every thought of running…not good!!

Once we get back from our trip I’m going to need to buckle down and start from scratch…and I’m sure I’ll have a few extra pounds to lose too 😦

I’ve been much more active on the sewing front! I’ve made good progress on the Pink Camo/Bunny crib quilt – all four bunnies are appliqued and two of them have their borders. The blocks measure 20×20 with borders so the finished top should be 40×40. I’m just not sure about all the pink…

2 done 2 undone

Last week my niece posted a picture of a casserole carrier she thought I’d like to make and I was instantly distracted by it…so I looked up several instructions online and pumped one out that night! It started out 18″ square but measures 17.5″ finished. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out and of course when I posted pictures I’ve had two friends ask to buy one! LOL, I never thought this would turn into a little side business; I’ve even invested in a FQ worth of labels for my non-quilt projects.

closed up

with bowl

I’m working on a second, larger carrier that’s reversible. I think I’ve made it a little too big at 25″ square finished; when I tested it with my oblong dish it seemed to swim in it…ugh! I did a ton of back-stitching on the strap and loops, not so sure I want to try ripping all that out to make is smaller – but I don’t want to waste this fabric either…decisions, decisions…

I should’ve started with 24″ square which would finish at 23″…yeah, I’ll probably be ripping it out :-/

large casserole carrier

The other thing I’ve been working on is making labels for my finished quilts. I’ve got to re-do the label for the Baby Rece quilt because it got ruined in the wash. I didn’t have that problem with the labels I printed for my first quilts and the only thing I can think of is the ink cartridge I’m using. I’m pretty sure I was using genuine Brother ink cartridges before but I bought some re-manufactured ones on Amazon and the ink must be different. So I ordered a Brother Black Ink cartridge and will try again.

In the mean time I decided to hand write the labels for my grandson’s quilts…this is a first for me but I think it will give it that personal touch that just doesn’t come through on a printed label.

I followed a suggestion to use freezer paper as backing when writing on the fabric, it gave it a lot of stability. I also marked lines on the ‘paper’ side of the freezer paper to use as guides to help keep my writing straight. Now I just need to sew them on.



That’s about all for now…gotta go get my seam ripper and take that carrier apart!


3 thoughts on “Where has the week gone…

  1. Wow! Your sewing/quilting is amazing! That’s great that you can make a little bit of extra money from it too. πŸ™‚
    In terms of the running, I have the same problem with my brain trying to talk me out of it, but sometimes a break is a good thing – especially if it’s for your 30th Wedding Anniversary. Congratulations! I hope you both have a lovely time. πŸ™‚

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