And ‘sew’ it goes

I’ve been a little absent here for a few weeks due to a bit of traveling. We drove to Maryland last weekend to celebrate Grandson #1’s third birthday. Although the weather was a bit of a downer – 50’s and drizzly – the party was a huge success! The theme for the party was Fire Trucks so they had a bouncy house in the shape of a fire truck, they had a painting station and coloring station all with fire trucks and the icing on the cake (no pun intended) they had an actual fire truck show up! It was a retired truck that they rent out for parties…pretty cool!

The ‘firemen’ talked to the kids about fire safety and what to do in an emergency, they gave them all plastic fire hats and then they took them for a ride around the block. Needless to say they were very excited 🙂  After 4 hours of that Nana was ready to go back to the hotel and relax!

We visited other family & friends while in Maryland and made the drive home early on Sunday because I had to fly out first thing Monday for a business meeting in Chicago – not ideal but what are you gonna do? Luckily it was just a one night stay and I was back home Tues night. As can happen when you travel, I came down with a bit of bug on Wed and was just too tired to do any sewing 😦

I went to the doctor Friday morning to get some antibiotics because I don’t want to be sick for our big 30th Anniversary trip coming up. We’re flying out 10/16 for a ten night stay in Punta Cana. And if all that traveling wasn’t enough, I found out Friday morning that I have to travel to Detroit for a customer meeting Monday morning…ugh!!! Because of the time of the meeting I’ll need to fly in Sunday night…more ugh!!!

I had mentally planned to spend this whole weekend at home, sewing and watching football – ha! not gonna happen! So the next best thing is to get as much sewing in as possible before I have to leave again. I stayed up extra late last night and worked on two projects.

First I pounded out the October Patchwork Challenge from Tinkerbellknits. It’s called Blazing Arrow – I wasn’t really sure about my fabric choices at first but I think it worked out ok.

October Blazing Arrows

Next I worked on a casserole carrier commissioned by one of my neighbors. She has a Thirty One bag in black, pink and gray so she wanted something that would coordinate. I started with 24″ squares of each fabric and batting then I sewed them right sides together with the batting. Before sewing, I inserted the handles and loops so they would be caught in the seams and I left an opening to turn it right side out. I stopped there last night and finished the rest this morning. I sewed on my label then top stitched around the edge before quilting a diamond pattern. An extra bonus is it’s totally reversible…yay! It came together quickly and I’m pretty happy with it.

IMG_2847 IMG_2846 IMG_2844 IMG_2845

Sadly that’s all the sewing I’ve done in the last two weeks and unless I can get more done today, I won’t have a chance to sew again until we come back from vacation 10/26…and then, as luck would have it, I have to fly back to Chicago on 11/2…grrrr, it’s just not fair!!! LOL

Oh well, it is what it is…

3 thoughts on “And ‘sew’ it goes

  1. No time to sew is definitely a bummer, but 10 nights in Punta Cana? Not feeling to sorry! Have a great time and just think how much more you will enjoy your reunion with your sewing machine next month!! Really like that arrow block, by the way.

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